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Natural Light Family Portraits with Carl, Johanne & Family

11am on a grey Sunday morning and it's a pleasure to pop up to Carl & Johanne's lovely house at the top of the village for an informal family photo shoot with them and their lovely children. Having opted to travel light I still had ambitions to use a bit of flash to bounce off their very high manor house ceilings, however my Nissin i40 flash decided not to play ball (I later discovered that to be my fault and not the Nissin).  So, natural light it was then!  Luckily the combination of the Arnott's lovely large lounge windows and the amazing low light capabilities of the Fujifilm X-E2 coupled with the XF56mm f1.2 lens would save the day.

The family were all very chirpy for relatively early on a Sunday, especially Johanne, who was remarkably composed as she had (allegedly) had something of a big night out the evening before. Overall I think the natural lighting actually adds something to the shots and, as well as the family group shots, I rather like the individual headshots and also love the last two shots of the day of the girls playing as I was packing up at the end of the shoot.

On a technical note, I'm amazed to say that most of these shots were taken between ISO 1200 and ISO 3200, yet demonstrate little or no noise after minimal processing in Lightroom.