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Kevin Mullins Fujifilm Settings - An Experiment

I'm a big fan of Kevin Mullins - he's a renowned and highly accomplished photographer who uses the Fujifilm X Camera system in an innovative and unique way.  His distinctive hard blacks and shadows in both colour and black and white are something you either love or hate, and I'm a fan - you can see his work at  For me black and white should be just that and not a palette of wishy washy greys.  He tends to favour using jpegs straight out of the camera, either using the B&W+R monochrome or Classic Chrome colour settings, rather than the RAW files often favoured by pros.  As an experiment, last weekend, on a couple of family trips out I used Kevin's settings on my Fujifilm X-E2 with the XF18-55mm lens, and my twins Jamie and Sophie as models, to see what results I might achieve (acknowledging his significant experience and ability over mine!). 

Sophie wears a hat at Locomotion, Shildon

These monochrome images really work for me and I find the look something very pleasing. The contrast is severe and the blacks are very black. Below a few images taken using the Classic Chrome film emulation but also adding Kevin's hard settings.

 Sophie's beautiful eyes

Sophie's beautiful eyes

Jamie at work at Beamish Schoolhouse

Sophie plays hoops at Beamish

These colour images reveal that Classic Chrome brings and warmth and slightly retro look to the imagery and is a look that I really like.  Sometimes the Mullins settings can reveal overly hard shadows, especially around the eyes, but if you meter carefully you can work around that. Anyway, some nice images, thanks Kevin - I'll continue the experiment!