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A Staffordshire Wedding – I Love These Weddings Pictures because …

Many of my favourite images are those which have been taken behind the scenes or capturing people when they are relaxed and off guard.  Weddings are especially good for that as you can often spend up to 10 hours with various elements of the wedding party at all stages of the day, from preparation to ceremony and on to the party afterwards.  In an occasional series I’m going to revisit some of these images from weddings I’ve covered, picking a couple of images from each that may have missed the final album cut but, on reflection, stand out for me in a documentary sense.

Young Page Boy plays the piano

Take these images from the wedding of Graham and Sharon in Staffordshire – I won’t seek to embellish them other to say that I love them all as unique moments within the day.  

Children waiting for the bride

As is often the case it’s clear that it’s often the kids that steal the show!  The technical attributes of each vary but I’m happy to have taken them and recorded those snapshots of the day.  Ultimately, what we think is a good image is subjective - these are the ones that caught my eye long after the day.