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Durham Portraits - A Relaxed Shoot with Elliott and Mum

You never quite know how a photo shoot with a three year old is going to go - I have two of my own and I know how unpredictable that can be!  Nevertheless, seeking a relaxed outdoor shoot, we walked in the local park in our home village, Bishop Middleham, with Mum, Louise, and let Elliott burn off a little steam with our own Jamie and Sophie before the camera got involved.

The fast moving toddler always tests the photographer and I have to say the moving shots did overwhelm the camera much of the time.  My Fujifilm X-E2 is an amazing camera but fast moving subjects have never been its forte so we stuck with Elliott when he slowed down!  I was struck by the intensity of Elliott's eyes so I think the favourite shots featured here, inevitably, mostly show those eyes.

For a gloomy overcast day in October I was pleased with a number of these shots but must thank my entourage of Elliott's Mum, my wife Pamela, our twins Jamie and Sophie and Poppy the Westie for keeping Elliott entertained.  It can also be challenging doing a photo shoot when your own children are jumping on your back but we managed.

But thanks to Mum and Elliott for a great, relaxed shoot - it was fun and I hope Mum and Dad are happy with these shots of lovely Elliott.  I know the shoot was all about Elliott but I really like this last one of the two of them having a giggle - a personal favourite.

As a footnote, for the photography buffs, I now shoot exclusively with the diminutive Fujifilm X-series cameras now and all of these images were shot on my lovely X-E2 coupled with the stunning XF56mm f1.2 lens. Sitting in its comfy half leather case, casual observers think you have arrived with your Dad's 1965 rangefinder camera but I'm happy that these images show the Fujifilm's true colours. And with the 56mm lens being simply the best portrait lens I have ever used - I utterly love it.