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Tour de Yorkshire Cycling Event - A Day Off for the Durham Wedding Photographer

So this great cycling event, a legacy of the Grand Depart of the Tour de France last year, came to Yorkshire so where better to try out the new Funifil X-T1 body and the lovely XF 50-140mm lens?  My friend David and I decided to head for Rosedale Abbey as that was one of only a few King of the Mountain sections within easy reach.  We picked our spot and waited!

The crowds, even in this remote area, were huge and after witnessing the massive preliminary motorcade and road closure teams the cyclists finally appeared just after 2pm.  A break away group of five follows by the main Peleton, headed by the Sky Team big boys

Before we knew it the cyclists and crews had gone through heading ultimately for Scarborough.  Apparently a crash ensued later but the Norwegian Sky Man came through in the end.  A great day and a credit to North Yorkshire (and no rain!).

All of these shots taken with the X-T1 and XF 50-140 - I would say that the continuous focus on the lens wasn't spot on all the time and it does hunt wildly sometimes.  Overall very happy with the Fuji gear in a challenging situation.