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The Durham Wedding Photographer - Find the Best Varied Wedding Venues in County Durham

County Durham is a large and beautiful county offering the upcoming bride and groom a wide and wonderful range of venues in which to consider getting married.  For those seeking the simplest and straightforward of ceremonies there is of course the Register Office option (I always find myself correcting people that the word is Register, not Registry but that probably says more about my foibles than others!)  Either way there are a number of Register Offices in the County with Durham being the main central one based at Aykley Heads.  It’s a pleasant location with an attractive ceremony room, some nice outside space and an attractive staircase for indoor shots.  The adjoining Bistro 21 restaurant is a common, and well recommended, post-ceremony meal venue.

 Durham Register (not Registry!) Office

Durham Register (not Registry!) Office

For those seeking grander venues there are a number of well-established and excellent venues across the County, of which my favourites would probably include Seaham Hall, Lumley Castle, Beamish Hall, Rockliffe Hall, Hardwick Hall and Durham Castle in no particular order.  They all vary significantly in price and facilities but all offer great service and stunning backdrops for very memorable photographs.  I will look to write a more detailed blog on each of the venues in coming weeks but for the moment I'll just highlight them as real gems in the county.

A few favourite images shot in and around the region are included here – as a wedding photographer, based in County Durham with a real love of this beautiful county, I am always keen to work with clients who are seeking the best from their wedding day.  I would invite you to look at some of my galleries on my website to see if my style fits what you are looking for.