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Let’s Go Retro with Film Photography

Taking a step back from professional work has been hugely cathartic as I can now spend more time enjoying my photography for myself.  As well as continuing to enjoy the wonderful digital world of the Fujifilm X-T1 I also want to get back to the basics of photography, which has led me to purchase a 20+ year old Canon EOS 5 film camera, a great camera in its day but now available on a well-known auction website for around £40.  Coupled with a ‘nifty fifty’ EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens for another £40, I’m intrigued to see what the likes of Kodak Portra, Ilford Pan F (a favourite from my developing days) and some of the other new funkier films from Lomography and the like will offer 10 years after I last shot any film.

I’m looking forward to running some film through an old camera and see where that takes me – it might be something that will be fun to show the kids when they are a bit older before the electronic world of selfies, social media etc. overwhelms them?  I might even delve into the unique experience, and smells, of developing black and white film again!